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Develop a strategic relation with EPFL

Innovation in our complex world can only be succesfully achieved in close relation with industry. The Vice Presidency for Innovation (VPI) is totally dedicated to further enhance the innovation process towards the market place. The team of Large Enterprises deals with large national and international companies which are interested in strategic collaborations with EPFL including installation of corporate R&D activities on the campus at EPFL Innovation Park.

Tailored partnerships are one very efficient approach to innovation. It encompasses research collaboration, technology transfer, visits and exchanges of key personnel. Universities and companies will need to be even more creative in the future to improve innovation. EPFL is convinced that the breakthroughs of the future will be done by linking transdisciplinary domains and facilitating the communication between people with different expertise and backgrounds.

EPFL is willing to contribute in bridging the innovation gap by inviting companies on and around its campus to further improve the innovation process. The VPI Network as well as the Strategic Initiatives will play an important role in this effort.

Examples of projects and partnerships

Gilbert Ghostine, CEO Firmenich and Prof. Martin Vetterli, President EPFL © 2018 Firmenich03.07.18 – Firmenich open its Digital Lab – D-Lab – in partnership with EPFL. This is key milestone of Firmenich’s digital strategy, D-Lab is dedicated to harnessing Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), to augment the Group’s innovation across fragrance and taste creation. Read more…

(Gilbert Ghostine, CEO Firmenich and Prof. Martin Vetterli, President EPFL © 2018 Firmenich)

11.05.18 – maxon motor inaugurated the maxon innovation Lab (miLab) at EPFL Innovation Park. maxon innovation Lab is a platform for hosting and exchange for high technologies, future markets and innovative business models for its employees, industrial and academic partners. Read more… 
20.09.17 – With its new Smart Lab, Romande Energie – the leading electricity supplier in French-speaking Switzerland – aims to create a skills center for leveraging data to enhance energy systems. The Lab is the latest step in a longstanding partnership between the power utility and EPFL. Read more…

Who to contact?

Robert Giezendanner-Thoben
Head of Business Development
Tel +41 21 693 40 57