The NCCR Spin Funds

The Swiss national science fondation funds projets in a similar way to the Innogrants, through its NCCR programs. The MICS spin fund was the first such initiative and as of October 1st, 2011, it has supported 16 projects enabling the creation of 10 small companies. 


Projects Description Laboratory Project leader
Sensorscope Environmental monitoring. EPFL/IC/LCAV Mounir Krichane
Streamforge Internet Multimedia Streaming. ETHZ/ITET/TIK Pascal von Rickenbach & Nicolas Burri
Sreee! Mobile social networking games. ETHZ/CAAD Steffen P. Walz & Thomas Seibert
Koubachi Interactions between plants and humans. ETHZ/INF/PC Moritz Koehler & Philipp Bolliger
Sentry Secure Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)-based Localization. EPFL/IC/LCA Panos Papadimitratos
Doxolo Real time trading platform. EPFL/IC/LSIR Ali Salehi
Bmob Urban Parking Management and Information System. USI/INF Michal Piorkowski
Noti Automated image annotation on mobile devices. EPFL/IC/LCAV Mathieu Monney
Scala Scala based development platform for Android. EPFL/IC/LAMP Antonio Cunei
Access Control Access Control based on Secure Proximity Verification. ETHZ/INF/SYSSEC Boris Danev
GEOS Embedded system for geo-localisation. EPFL/STI/CD Urs Hunkeler
Kandou Power and pin-efficient signaling for high speed data buses. EPFL/IC/ALGO Anant Singh & Seyed Armin Tajalli
Pix4D Hands free mapping from UAV imagery. EPFL/IC/CVLAB Christop Strecha
Adimpact Automatic evaluation of visual impact Video demo EPFL/IC/IVRG Radhakrishna Achanta
Serafina Small, mass-producible and affordable autonomous robotic submarine, equipped with proprietary communication and localisation systems EPFL/ENAC/DISAL Alexander Bahr
Global fountain To transform the way people learn EPFL/IC/LCAV Pedro Pinto and Francisco Pinto

 The Robotics spin fund is the second initiative. More about this by clicking here.