Entrepreneurship and Start-ups

EPFL considers entrepreneurship as an essential continuation of its research. VPI supports individuals interested in start-up creation with a variety of tools and mechanisms.

The EPFL Innogrants and XGrants

Since 2005, the single most important tool has been the Innogrants, a pre-seed funding mechanism for EPFL researchers, students as well as external entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit the Innogrant web page.

The XGrant program is a new way to encourage Bachelor and Master students to develop their ideas while keeping as objective to create their own business. A grant of up to CHF10’000 is intended to support entrepreneurial projects. In order to expand their networks, the students will also have the opportunity to spend 1 to 2 months in the well-known Silicon Valley at the offices of Swissnex San Francisco on Pier 17. Obviously, this opportunity is offered to a limited number of students through a selection process. Do not hesitate to contact us at xgrant@epfl.ch

The EPFL Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

EPFL helps entrepreneurs with much more than funding and the entrepreneurial ecosystem includes many other friends and partners. For a deeper understanding ot this ecosystem, please visit our page about Support to Entrepreneurs

Student Entrepreneurship @EPFL

The ecosystem offers multiple tools to students for them to developp their entrepreneurial skills. Visit our page for more details.

The importance of Role Models

We also organize many events where entrepreneurs can share their experience and inspire our community. Please visit our Events web page as well as the Linkedin page.

An analysis of EPFL spin-offs and the support ecosystem in the last 20 years.

EPFL Start-up Report (pdf – 2.9Mo)

Next Events

événement Pizzas&Start-up


The Pizzas&Start-up conferences are held 3-4 times a year at EPFL Innovation Park. The conference calls on 4 young innovative companies from EPFL or installed at EPFL Innovation Park. They each have 6 minutes to present their activities and achievements to the community of the Park. In our next event, the four following start-ups will present themselves: 

Free entrance and lunch but mandatory registration

Rally Riddle @EPFL Innovation Park
Export event



QIJ 0 92.0

EPFL Innovation Park Rallye Riddle

Get to know the companies established at the EPFL Innovation Park and network with other colleagues and friends in a playful way!

Equipped with a map and a "riddle list", you will visit companies settled in the Innovation Park buildings. In order to identify and find those companies, you must solve riddles. But first, you need to identify the names of the companies behind each riddle! As soon as it is resolved, go to the company's premises to collect your first points! Get even more points by taking up and achieving the challenges that companies have prepared for you... The fastest team that gets the most points wins the rally! The prize-giving ceremony and an aperitif will follow from 7pm at the PUUR (building D, EPFL Innovation Park).

Register individually before Friday October 5, 2018. Teams from 3 to 5 people will be formed by the organizers just before the race!
For a better understanding of the concept, read the Rules of the Rally

The event is open to any EPFL -student, -reasearcher, -professor, -staff, -alumni, to all collaborators working in a company at EPFL Innovation Park and friends!