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We, at the Vice Presidency for Innovation (VPI), are the interface between EPFL and the business world. We are in charge of setting up the Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL, which is closely linked to the expansion of EPFL’s other campuses. We encourage entrepreneurship and startup creation, help industry develop partnerships with EPFL and foster innovation and research.

Innovation in numbers

EPFL favors closer ties to industry leading research in order to best meet the scientific, technological and societal challenges of the XXI century. From specific needs of SMEs to tailored partnership with large companies, the VPI team accompany all interested companies in working with EPFL. EPFL considers entrepreneurship as an essential continuation of its research and encourages business creation. VPI supports individuals interested in start-up creation with a variety of tools and mechanisms.

Innovation projects – also known as transdisciplinary initiatives – enable the exploration of emerging fields. Should you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us. Expand your innovation skills – and curiosity – and connect with us! We have thriving ecosystem of innovators, entrepreneurs and partners who are eager to share their experiences. Explore the opportunities and get started.


EPFL drones draw crowds in Las Vegas

This week, four EPFL-designed drones are being shown in the Swiss Pavilion at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The spin-offs developing the drones are trying to follow in the footsteps of Flyability and Pix4D by establishing

EPFL kicks off a year of celebration

Just over fifty years ago, on 1 January 1969, the Ecole polytechnique de l'Université de Lausanne (EPUL) became a Swiss federal institute of technology under the name EPFL. In his New Year’s address this week, President Martin Vetterl

Eleven EPFL startups in Las Vegas

This week, eleven EPFL startups are in Las Vegas to tout their technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the largest events of its kind. Specialists and investors from around the world will be on hand to check out the drones


Artificial Intelligence for Health

From 22 to 25 January, EPFL will be hosting the third workshop/meeting of FG-AI4H at the Swiss Tech Convention Center in Lausanne. With this email, I would like to inform you of our activities as well as extend an invitation to you and your colleagues to become involved in this important project. In particular, we hope to see you at the workshop/meeting in Lausanne. Participation in FG-AI4H is free of charge and open to all.
The workshop/meeting details, including registration, can be found here.
The objective of AI4H is to establish a standardized assessment framework for the evaluation of AI-based methods for health, diagnosis, triage, or treatment deci​sions. With this objective in mind, AI4H has launched a Call for proposals: use cases and data (available here). “Use cases” refers to medical conditions that can be diagnosed with AI and for which medical data are available. This call is targeted at academics and researchers in the healthcare domain. The resulting proposals are to be presented and evaluated at the workshop/meetings. During the previous workshop/meeting at Columbia University, New York, eight use cases were accepted by FG-AI4H that ranged from assessing the risk of breast cancer to assessing the risk of breast cancer. The press release, including the details of the use cases, can be found here.
As AI4H approaches its third meeting in Lausanne,  the next phase will include sharing training data from these use cases with AI developers. As a result, iterant Calls for AI technology for health will be published. These AI applications will be tested using confidential data from the respective use cases. As you can infer, the success of this project depends on active participation of the medical and machine learning research communities. Please visit the above links, consider the importance of this project, and become involved either by submitting use cases or data or by attending the workshop/meeting in Lausanne.


Applied Machine Learning Days 2019

The Applied Machine Learning Days will take place from January 26th to 29th, 2019, at the Swiss Tech Convention Center on EPFL campus. It is now the largest and best-known Machine Learning event in Switzerland, and increasingly recognized as a major event in Europe. The event has a focus specifically on the applications of machine learning and AI, making it particularly interesting to industry and academia.

Saturday & Sunday will be ‘hands-on’ with more than 25 workshops, tutorials, trainings, coding classes and hackathons. The main conference will take place on Monday and Tuesday, with a program featuring amazing speakers, 16 domain-specific tracks (parallel session), poster sessions, a job fair and a special night with Garry Kasparov.

- Garry Kasparov (Chess Grandmaster) 
- Zeynep Tufekci (The New York Times) 
- Jeff Dean (Google) 
- Katja Hofmann (Microsoft Research) 
- Antoine Bordes (Facebook AI Research) 
- Alex "Sandy" Pentland (MIT Media Lab) 
- Yuan (Alan) Qi (Ant Financial) 
- Yuanchun Shi (Tsinghua University) 
- Li Pu (Segway Robotics) 
- Christopher Bishop (Microsoft Research) 
- Evgeniy Gabrilovich (Google) 
- crowdAI winners

Hands-on deep learning with TensorFlow.js / Policy-Making and Data Economy at the city level: utopia or reality? / Applied Language Technologies / Engineering for good - detecting pneumonia in X-Ray images / Advances in ML: Theory meets practice / AI and Healthcare / Industrial open data / Building Private-by-Design Voice Assistants with Snips / Trust In AI - methods and use cases for debiasing and explaining of algorithms / Using PySpark and interactive Jupyter notebook on Amazon Clusters / Tutorial: Build your first predictive model to forecast and detect anomalies / ML in your organization: a practical toolbox to identify and seize highest value opportunities in Machine Learning / PySpark: Big Data Processing and Machine Learning with Python / Enabling Resilience with Remote Sensing / Artificial Curiosity: Intrinsic Motivation in Machines too! / Reatching into the Rabbit Hole: Should we replace teachers with AI? / Machine Learning for fake news detection: theory and practice / TensorFlow Basics - Saturday / TensorFlow Basics - Sunday / Learning and Processing over Networks / Crashcourse in R for machine learning / Machine Learning Competition: Tennis Prediction / Applied Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection on Equipment / Credit Suisse Document Digitization Hackathon / TDA crash course: theory and practice for ML applications / Data exploration and preparation for Machine Learning / Machine Learning in Finance / Blue Brain Nexus, a knowledge graph for data driven projects

• AI & Cities
• AI & Computer Systems
• AI & Environment
• AI & Finance
• AI & Health
• AI & Industry
• AI & Intellectual Property
• AI & Language
• AI & Learning Analytics
• AI & Media
• AI & the Molecular World
• AI & Networks
• AI & Nutrition
• AI & Society
• AI & Transportation
• AI & Trust

Registration is mandatory and includes breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch and refreshments.

By: See our workshop sessions, the 16 featured tracks and the list of speakers.

FORWARD, the innovation forum for SMEs.

7th of February from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Swiss Tech Convention Center, EPFL
For its 2nd edition, FORWARD - the Innovation Forum for SMEs - will be back at the SwissTech Convention Center on February 7, 2019. With nearly 1’000 participants during the first edition and simultaneous French-German translation, this event intends to be the national meeting point for SME innovation projects. 
This is an ideal opportunity for the EPFL community to interact with SMEs and better understand their goals and challenges in terms of innovation. Emphasis will be placed on experience sharing and the initiation of collaborative innovation opportunities.
In this year’s edition dedicated to the theme "Digital shift: getting organized to innovate" you will participate in a variety of activities such as inspiring conferences, thematic sessions to further develop the topics and a networking platform. 
Register now and benefit of the preferential price of CHF 100.- for students and non-profit organizations.

  • For EPFL researchers wishing to register, please send us a message at: pme@epfl.ch
 Complete program and registration: Forward-sme.epfl.ch

Other resources

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