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We, at the Vice Presidency for Innovation (VPI), are the interface between EPFL and the business world. We are in charge of setting up the Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL, which is closely linked to the expansion of EPFL’s other campuses. We encourage entrepreneurship and startup creation, help industry develop partnerships with EPFL and foster innovation and research.

Innovation in numbers

EPFL favors closer ties to industry leading research in order to best meet the scientific, technological and societal challenges of the XXI century. From specific needs of SMEs to tailored partnership with large companies, the VPI team accompany all interested companies in working with EPFL. EPFL considers entrepreneurship as an essential continuation of its research and encourages business creation. VPI supports individuals interested in start-up creation with a variety of tools and mechanisms.

Innovation projects – also known as transdisciplinary initiatives – enable the exploration of emerging fields. Should you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us. Expand your innovation skills – and curiosity – and connect with us! We have thriving ecosystem of innovators, entrepreneurs and partners who are eager to share their experiences. Explore the opportunities and get started.


Ultra-light gloves let users “touch” virtual objects

Scientists from EPFL and ETH Zurich have developed an ultra-light glove – weighing less than 8 grams per finger– that enables users to feel and manipulate virtual objects. Their system provides extremely realistic haptic feedback and

A virtual escape game awaits visitors to Forum EPFL

Visitors to this year’s Forum EPFL will be able to use a new app to learn about the different start-ups being showcased. The app will take users through a “virtual treasure hunt” as they discover the young firms one by one. The app


Digital Day at EPFL: Education in the digital age

Following the success of the 2017 edition, for the 2nd edition of the national Digital Day, EPFL will be one of the hubs open to the public.
Centred around the theme of digitalisation in the field of teaching, activities include workshops, guided tours, exhibitions and scientific demonstrations.

From 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, the Rolex Learning Center will host a number of activities including booths by our media partners, workshops and an exhibition on the subject of Data Detox organised by the EPFL Library, scientific demos by key EPFL actors in the domain of teaching as well as Firmenich, based in the Innovation Park, and the student association Octanis.

Come and discover the MED Building with its Discovery Learning Labs, its distance learning rooms and find out more about how and why it is a "connected building".

Finally, ArtLab will open its doors to you - come and join us on a guided tour of the Montreux Jazz Festival archives, travel back in time with the Venice Time Machine or find out more about the pioneering Blue Brain Project.

During the afternoon, the EPFL Science Outreach Department will organise workshops for children (information and registration on sps.epfl.ch).

All these activities build up to the Official Ceremony. We are honoured to annonce that Federal Councillor Schneider-Ammann will be present to open the ceremony. State Councillor Cesla Amarelle will then personally give the children the certificates from the workshops. Finally, two debates will take place on the subject of digitalisation in education with, among others, State Councillor Darbellay, the Vice-President for Education of EPFL Pierre Vandergheynst and Diane Bernard-Bruls, President of AGEPoly.

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RLC E1 240

Start-up Champions @ EPFL

On Nov 13, 2018, we invite you to the Fall 2018 edition of Startup Champions @ EPFL at Forum Rolex at 5pm to listen to and discuss with Felix Mayer, co-founder of Zurich-based Sensirion and Gabriel Clerc, former head of EPFL Technology Transfer Office. The full program in pdf.
Entrance is free but registration compulsory on Venturelab.

By: Felix Mayer, co-founder of Zurich-based Sensirion and Gabriel Clerc, former head of EPFL Technology Transfer Office.

Other resources

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